View Full Version : Venom PSP Leather Case Reviev

January 17th, 2006, 15:34
This case was firts accesory that i`ve bought for my psp.
Pros :
2 pockets for UMD`s.
Inside is layed with soft material , thus you avoid any scratches on UMD`s and PSP Itself.
Quite good quality leather , looks very elegant.No PSP logo and ect make its very unnoticable.
Magnectic lock hold PSP hard inside.
Attachable wirst strap.
Its very stiff , when falling on ground < made few accidental fall tests ;p> PSP and UMD`s are well protected.
Fits great into hand/jacket pocket .Low weight.
When closed you can easy plug PSP remote in and be able to use PSP as MP3 player.
No place for memory stick.
Its quite compact so forget about using strap on screen protectors and stuff like datel 4 gig HDD.The only thing that fits inside is PSP and 2 UMD`s , not even posible to put inside the PSP remote.
Only 2 UMD`s pockets , for some ppl it wont be enough.
In conclusion personaly i love this case .Very elagant , fits easy into pocket of jacket.Thus i`m not person doing long trips and palying alot games at once.For someone who like to have more UMD`s with him this case isn`t too good idea.The price is quite low for such nice leather product.About 15 EU/10.
Over all it gets good 8.5 , the only thing that i realy miss is a spot for at least one Mem Stick.