View Full Version : Files wont come off the Memory Stick and PSP wont connect to computer

December 3rd, 2008, 06:50
My memory stick is a SanDisk 2 gig duo memory stick it is exactly like the one i bought from game stop for my PSP but that one was a 1 gig. I got it from my brother's camera (he didn't want it). I put MP3 and MP4 (Video files not sure what the thing is for them) on it so i could use them on my PSP. I hadn't formatted it before hand so i tried to put them back on my computer so i could format it and not lose them. This is the error message that comes up. "Cannot move file:Cannot read from source file or disk" this makes me think that there is something wrong with the stick, but the PSP reads it just fine (I can save games on it). Why won't the files come off the stick? I tried it on other computers and no luck. My OS is a Microsoft Windows XP. Another issue im having is my computer won't connect to my PSP. This is what it says. "USB device not recognized One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and windows does not recognize it.
I have tried un/re installing the drivers, but no luck there either. It won't work on my mom's laptop either (probably cuz its a Microsoft XP too) I really need help with these issues plz. Soon if possible.
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December 3rd, 2008, 09:06
So your other card works fine in the PC card reader and the PSP?

If so and this new card does not work in either (nor on other PCs with different card readers), but it does show up (which it must if you cans see the files you want to copy) in windows with the card reader, then it sounds like the data on the card are corrupt.

You could try running the windows error checking on it and see if that helps.

If not then you will need to format it via the card reader.
Then see if it shows up in windows via the PSP in USB mode.

Dont save your games to it as its likely you will not be able to copy them to your PC and will need to format the card.

December 3rd, 2008, 22:53
Mine was acting funny kinda like that and I had to reformat it, and uninstall all traces of the PSP from Windows and then plug it back in and let it reinstall. But it sounds like yours might be worse...

December 4th, 2008, 00:33
One other piece of advice: After you format the MemStick, avoid using the MemStick until you can get your hands on a Data Recovery program. Use Windows, not the PSP since the PSP would immediately write a new folder structure after the format.

There are a few programs out there that would be able to rebuild your files after a format, but that data can be lost forever if you write to the card before trying to perform a recovery.

This would at least give you a chance to preserve your SAVEDATA. ^^d

December 4th, 2008, 04:46
Thanks I figured it out :) My PSP wouldnt connect cuz of the USB cord. Used my moms camera one and it worked fine >.> 2in1 cords suck. As for my memory stick, once my PSP could connect to the computer I could get some of them off. Some files were weird and had changed when i put them on the memstick. Mainly the movies. it said my stick had over 281 gigs on it... its a 2 gig stick XD. something to do with the file types. Anyway I need help with another matter >.>.

I can't tell if my PSP has CFW or not. I doubt it but i dont know how to tell. I got it from Gamestop refurbished, so yeah somebody could have put it on there.

CFW=Custom Firmware. U guys probably already know but im just saying :D

I'm thinking of just downloading a game and trying to play it.