View Full Version : NesterDC SE v1.1 help?

December 13th, 2008, 15:07
I'm am getting an error that says "data.iso" not found when trying to create a disc image of NesterSE with Bootdreams.

I know it has something to do with the amount of roms put in the NES folder, or any other folder for that matter. I could only get it to create an image if I had about 150 games in the folder, because it was semi-random, I could not give you an exact count.

I'm using Bootdreams 1.0.6b, and if anyone here Dl'ed Bootdreams 1.0.6c before the server crashed, would you be able/allowed to upload it somewhere?

Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks.

Found BD 1.0.6c, and turned off Juliet. I got coaster after coaster after burning.

Someone please tell me that there's an easier way than trial and error?