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January 24th, 2006, 15:50
I was looking for nice travel case for PSP and finaly i got my hands on this kit.
It contains :
Aluminum Case , Car Charger , Headphones , Screen Protector , Neck Strap ,Cleaning Pad , Box For 2 UMD`s , 2 analog stick replacments.
Ok lets star with case itself .Light , silver , good looking.Inside there is alot of space.Place to put PSP , Car Charger , Headphones , UMD Cases .Extra box for accesory like datel HDD/Extra battery.First i had problem with finding a place to put PSP DC charger but i found good place for it.On the top part of case you have quite big pocket. DC charger fits there perfectly.
Overall case itself is very good , layed with soft material .PSP stays still inside .Before puting PSP in you will have to take out big accesorys like Datel HDD or X2 Battery pack.
Car charger , i didnt had occasion to test it but it should work as any other car charger , gona update it in few days.
UMD Box , very nice one , holds 2 UMD`s .Black plastic with lock.Its OK.
Screen protector , nothing special .As allways i messed up applying it and got some bubles of air ;/ but when you turn on psp they arent visible.
Cleaning Pad , nothing special but you can easy clean screen with it .I prefer the cleaning tissue which i got with PSP.
Now the Bad things :
Headphones , well.. the ones you get with psp are even better.They sound terrible , honestly give them to someone , dont even bother using them.
Neck Strap , looks ugly , just throw it away.
Extra Analog Sticks , i don`t know why someone would use them the one you got with PSP are way better quality.
I easy puted into this case PSP , my old headphones , car charger , 2 UMD box , 5 single UMD boxes ( if i had one more could easly fit it into case )( 7 UMDs +1 in PSP in total ) , DC charger , PSP Remote , USB Cable ,Memory Stick.There is some place left for about 6-8 memory sticks .The middle pocket < I fited there 4 single UMD boxes , PSP remote and cleaning tissue > can be also used easy for Datel HDD + Battery , or that strap on battery.
Overall very nice case , some extras like screen protector, UMD case ,car charger are good/very good.The rest you can throw away tbh.
Price - 30 EU quite resonable .If you are looking for a case which allow you to take your PSP+UMD`s for a longer travel< vacation or so > this is the thing you want.I managed to put inside everything i need for my PSP.Normaly i use my venom leather case just to carry around PSP but when I`m leaving home for few days/weeks this case will become very handy.Looks very nice , and PSP feels safe inside.For extra UMD`s i would recomend geting some UMD boxes due to fact they arent fited stiff inside and can move bit.So better put them into boxes to avoid posible scratches.
Overall The case itself gets 9.
The extras get 7 , due to horrible headphones and ugly neckstrap.

Producers Homepage : http://www.intecgamer.com/

March 14th, 2006, 00:55
I don't like the kit partly because it came with only one umd case and the compartments inside would've made me a billion times happier if they were able to be moved around and such.