View Full Version : Ahhh!!!! Slim Umd Door Indicator Broken!!! Why??!!

Game King 1555
December 24th, 2008, 07:55
Hi, I need help with my PSP Slim, it won't read disks anymore :mad: . I'm pretty sure why, but I don't know how do fix it or how it could of happened :confused: in the first place. My problem, the UMD door indicator broke, the vary small button that gets pushed when you close the UMD door. How do I know that could be it?? Well I noticed way back that there was a black button sticking out of the vary vary small metal box that was hooked up to the PSP, now there's not. I'm also pretty sure that the UMD reader turns on when that button is pushed, but now there is none, just the metal box with a hole and no black button anymore. Please help :)

- Lance(aka Game King 1555)