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January 26th, 2006, 00:27
Date of Release

20th January 2006






This game this based on the famous series of encourage "CowBoy Bebop" all rights reserved of (C)SUNRISE, in japan and other countries.

CowBoy Bebop "The Game" is a small video I play created in order to free entertainment for something which is developed with license type GNU, you can copy it, distribute and entertain to as many friends as consider it timely, however it can not sell it, to produce it or all trade motive since is of free distribution.

They were programmed different Issues in order to that you could enjoy it without importing the system that use or but please to you, all this thanks to the portability that offers the programming language C, Fenix, Div 2 and some developed Ports additionally programmers.

The Issues for PC and CONSOLE as DreamCast, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, BeOS they were development in Language Fenix 0.82 and 0.84.

The Issue to DreamCast is quite diverting in spite of the limitations of the Port, but each time the game gives "Game Over" the console Restarts to clean report and to release resources that they have been used and in this way to offer the max yield in each departure., special Gratefulness to creative Chui of the Port DC.

The Issue MS-DOS was programmed with Div 2, all the one which by continuous in Development, but it can unload and play the version 1.1.5. in the section release for ms-dos.

These applications software does not has commercial end neither of sale, their your end is the programming, entertainment and enjoyment of the games.

Important: we are not responsible, of the present game, neither of the defects that they could occur in your system upon installing or playing said software.

If you consider that software component violates some patent or please license of sending it with the respective legal basis, and said component withdrawn permanently of the WEB.

Thanks by unloading their your Issue of "CowBoy Bebop", that the enjoyment, any commentary or sugerenci please of sending it.

Thanks Chui for Port to DreamCast.

By Roland F.B. :)

"Alone I am a beginner, as says Dilandau..."

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