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January 9th, 2009, 20:41

Basically, I just got myself a psp from ebay which appears to have 2.60 firmware.

When I go to the memory stick I have 3 folders, "ISO, VIDEO and PSP"

I have been putting CSO and ISO files in the ISO folder and have managed to get a handfull of CSO games working, but none of the ISO games???

In the "PSP" folder I have the following folders: "GAME, GAME150, GAME271(inside folder says eboots go here), MUSIC, PHOTO, SAVEDATA and SYSTEM"

I have tried putting eboot games into the "GAME271" folder, but these don't work.

I don't really know if I am able to upgrade the software, I'm under the impression that If I click on "update Version 2.60" I may lose the firmware and the ability to play homebrew games????

Can anyone give me advice on this firmware and How to use it ? I would just be happy to play a few more CSO file games and some of the ISO file games !

Any advice would be greatly appreciated...Thanks,


January 9th, 2009, 23:25
Official firmware won't run homebrew or backups. You need custom firmware for that. There are two ways to go with that: Pandora's battery with Magic MemStick, or a software downgrader. The PB-MMS is better, but if you don't have a friend with an already customized PSP, it's harder to do. If you have a friend with a PSP already setup with custom firmware, consult the sticky threads on Pandora and DCv8. That would be best.

Assuming you're all on your own, you'll need to run a software downgrader to downgrade your Phat PSP (since you have 2.60, it MUST be an old Phat PSP) to 1.50. Then you can run the 3.52 M33 custom firmware installer. Then update that to 3.52 M33-4. Then update that to 5.00 M33-4. It's more work, but doesn't require anything special.

The first downgrade to 1.50 is the one to be the most careful about. You can't go straight from 2.60. You need to update to 2.71 EXACTLY first. 2.71 and 2.80 had software exploits (picture viewer exploits to be exact) that allowed you to get into kernel mode so that you could overwrite the Flash ROM in the PSP. So you want to either update from 2.60 to 2.71 or 2.80. When I downgraded my Phat, I went to 2.71. Once you're at 2.71, you can use the 2.71 Downgrader to get to 1.50.


That's a nice guide over at exophase on downgrading from 2.71 to 1.50. It links to all the files you need and shows how to do everything step by step. Be sure to read through EVERYTHING before doing anything. Make sure you understand what you're trying to do, and ask questions about anything you don't understand BEFORE trying to do something. Better to ask than to screw something up. :)

Once you're at 1.50, then you can go to 3.52 M33 using this guide:

Then you update that to 3.52 M33-4 with this update:

Then you're ready to update to 5.00 M33-4:

Again, read through everything FIRST before doing anything!

January 17th, 2009, 22:43
ya i agree with last post you need custom firmware.. and i guess the links he provided will lead you there:thumbup:

January 27th, 2009, 16:12
Thankuou JLF 65, thats some excellent advice. I think I might get myself a Pandora Battery and memory card and have a go myself!
Thanks again,

January 27th, 2009, 18:25
Sounds to me like he already has custom firmware as he stated he has got cso files to work. I had the same problem when i installed my custom firmware and how i fixed it was to go to the recovery menu then advanced then advanced config, you then disable plain modules & execute boot.bin. As for eboots they go in PSP/GAME/MAKE A FOLDER WITH THE NAME OF THE GAME HERE/EBOOT GOES HERE. You can also convert your isos using YACC http://yacc.pspgen.com/ hope this works!!!

January 29th, 2009, 21:40
I think he has CFW.
Downgrade with a software downgrader to 1.50.

From there you can use Hellcat's Recovery Flasher v1.50.
No pandora needed then.