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January 29th, 2006, 14:22
Hi All,

I am new here, and also a newbie for working with a PSP. I only have my PSP 5 days, I am looking to instal Windows or Mac OS but I do not know how to do that. Can someone help me out here?

Thank You ;)

January 29th, 2006, 14:27
its currently not possible to install a real working OS on a PSP but its possible to have a x86 windows on the psp, which needs ~30min to bootup...
but there are other PSP OS which i can recommend. e.g. "PSP OSS beta2" google it or have a look in the news

January 29th, 2006, 15:55
PSP OSS is very good. I would recommend it aswell. I do have to ask, why the hell would you want to install Windows 95 or Mac OS on your PSP? Ages to load up, then once it has, sod all to do on it. I must be missing something here.

January 29th, 2006, 22:07
How could you NOT want to install Win or Mac on you PSP? It's more than powerful enough to handle basic computing tasks, and there are times when it would be GREAT to be able to update/work on files on the go. And laptops are just not an option sometimes. Try pulling out a laptop during rush hour on a bus or train!

Greenskyver, I don't follow the windows emulators, but for Mac there is the Basilisk II emulator that is supposed to run very well. I still only have my stock 32 MB memory stick, so this is one of those things I haven't had a chance to check out yet, but from what I've read, the biggest drawback to this emulator is that it has a color pallette problem (something to do with red's and blue's being swapped). They were able to fix that problem, but it ended up being REALLY slow after. Apparently it runs and boots smoothly otherwise. Another drawback to this emulator is that it can only run pre PowerPC versions of MacOS. Which, if I remember right, means the highest version of MacOS you can run is 7.5 (either way, no Carbon support -- No 8, 9, or X). But the good news about that is that Apple has released the code and made that version of MacOS free, making it one of the few emulators you can use with a TOTALLY clear concious (!_!). Of course it helps if you already own a copy of the OS anyway. You also might have a hard time finding versions of applications that you want to run that work with that old of an OS, but for now, it apparently works and works well. Check out the top page of these forums (http://psp-news.dcemu.co.uk/), a link for the emulator appears in the left hand column. Also, if you need more detailed information and installation explanations, search the forums over at www.ps2dev.org. Search for terms like Mac OS emulation and Basilisk. Careful over there though, thats a serious development forum and they often don't take kindly to questions about installations and usage. You should be able to learn everything you need to know by reading the existing posts.

Good luck, and if you actually try it and get it working, it'd be great to hear about it.

January 30th, 2006, 19:22
Each to his own. Still don't see the point...unless it can run the original PC version of GTA (you know the 2D one where you always looked down on the world from above....can it?) As I was saying, I just can't see the point of it if it takes 30mins to load up then you will have finished most of your train journey by the time its finished booting.

Well, I don't see any reason to do it, but if you want to, good luck and have fun!

January 30th, 2006, 20:42
Hey, Freakshow! There's a couple of things that are obviously important to you that weren't even addressed in my post: PC emulation and playing games via that emulation. I personally don't see the point in using an emulated PC to play games, it would probably be less of a hassle to port the code to native PSP code (I've never heard of an emulated PC that was suitable for games). Second, while I've heard that the PSP PC emulation takes a long time to boot up (30+ minutes), apparently the mac emulator boots up right away (one report I read said that it was even faster than on a real mac), meaning that you could easily pull it out, make a few quick changes to a file, and tuck it back away all in the space of a commuter train ride.

But, as I said, I have no first hand experience with the Basilisk II emulator, so I don't know for sure. If any one has any first hand experience to the contrary, I'd love to hear about it.

January 30th, 2006, 20:55
Personally I'm not interested in this type of thing, so I know only basic ideas I have read from a few forum posts. You probably (definitly on second thoughts) know more about this than me. Good luck to you Greenskyver if you try this out, and also to you b8a if you ever get round to it. The attraction of using mac emulator is to do word processing on it, but Sony are thinking/making a firmware that has word processing and the like.

I think it's very much a "do it just to do something new with the PSP" It's a challenge to put it on your PSP and many people will try this (I may do if I can get a beat up PSP that doesn't read the UMDs or something trivial like that)

I only saw this with win 95 (someone did it because it was their fav. OS???) so no very little. Gaming on the PSP is not to be done via a PC Emulator I know that (though as I said original GTA lol) Would this be able to use the WLAN and give an internet browser?

January 31st, 2006, 11:47
I agree that these OS emulations are very much done under the spirit of "do it just to do something new with the PSP" (otherwise known as a "proof of concept". Heck, the coder who got the ball rolling on the Mac emulation flat out said he was just looking for a short project he could accomplish in an afternoon! Needless to say he didn't do that, but he did heavily inspire the coder who has brought it to it's present state), but if you had a full functioning major OS on your PSP, the possibilities are endless. Sure, word processing is deffinately one of those possibilities, but everyone uses their win or mac machines in different ways and for different purposes -- that's the benefit of a good OS: extensibility. And it's the idea of being able to tap into that huge variety of existing quality software that makes the idea of using a major OS emulator on the PSP so attractive. I don't know what Greenskyver has in mind, but since he asked about Mac OS, and Mac OS has never been known as a major gaming platform, I just naturally assumed that that wasn't his first or main priority. Personally, I spend most of my day in graphics applications, and it would be an enormous boon to be able to work on those files on the PSP. And since there's little text input involved in graphic work, the PSP is actually an ideal compact device for doing this.

BTW, I don't know if you were talking about Win specific emulation, or Mac/Win emulation in general when you asked about the WLAN and internet browser, but the author of Basilisk is soliciting ideas for what to work on getting to work next (it doesn't work currently). If I remember right, that was one of the possibilities he mentioned. Right now he's taking a break from the project, and is marred down in the color display problems otherwise.

February 1st, 2006, 15:08
Thank you all for the help, tips en hints!

First of all I was thinking for mac OS, but some people in my school told me it was not possible with out hacking the app, thus thats why I wanted to install win 95.

Why I want an app like OS/Win 95, because I would like to install the office/word processor for doing my studies, for if I can't access a pc or mac at home.

we have a mac and a pc at home but never free we have two freaks in the house my mum and her bf.

BTW, I am using my PSP for gaming, music and if I can install Mac OS maybe some photoshop lol

but thanks again!

February 4th, 2006, 06:46
It's not worth the trouble. The PSP can barely run Windows/Mac OS.

February 4th, 2006, 11:09
Hey guys, this topic really got me wondering about the Basilisk II (mac) emulator, so I looked into it a bit more, and when I found out that it looks like it can run on a 32 MB stick (it can, it takes less than 5MB for a minimal OS 7.5.5 installation), I took the plunge and tried it out.

Oh yeah. It works great. And this is just an early version! I don't know what your experience is, p4ch3co, but this DOES run better than on a native mac (of course, there are a few issues -- colors, screen gets cut off, no sound). Once a mac emulator is optimized to take full advantage of PSP hardware excelleration, there'll be no problem taking a (old) mac with you wherever you go.

Download Basilisk II:
This forum's official Basilisk II discussion thread:
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