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November 3rd, 2004, 17:26
Some new WIP info/news has come to my attention about a game that looks very Zeldaish, heres a description then the latest news:[br][br]OpenLynks is a cool open source 2d aventure game. (formerly OSZelda, now the project continues but in a completely different fashion and at great expense at the last minute)[br][br]Latest News:[br][br]DREAMCAST port WORKS!! ...mostly..[br][br]OK so here's the deal, I finally picked up a coder's cable from Liksang, and am able to really start getting this DC version done. After CRAZY FUN trying to get STLport to compile with KOS 1.2.0, converting the source over, we've now got a playable port! Speed is PERFECT, which is nice. All the logic works great so far.[br][br]All thats left is the palette code, which needs to be rewritten. I hope to have the dreamcast 1.0 up for consumption at the end of the week.[br][br]Check out the site here --> http://openlynks.sourceforge.net/