View Full Version : GpFinalWar Coming to Dreamcast?

November 2nd, 2004, 12:28
Take this as a rumour but a damn exciting one, GpFinalWar is one of the very best Gamepark 32 Homebrew releases so far, think of a Red Alert type game for your console and thats pretty close, its also a game that can be modded so it has potential like Beats of Rage has.[br][br]Anyway the author of GpFinalWar has posted this reply on his Forum (http://matkeupon.gp32z.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=47#47) [br][br] Anyway, GpFinalWar is going to be updated before the end of the year. And will also be adapted on Dreamcast, before of after I release the source code. [br][br]So I don't have a schedule yet, but here's the idea. Anyway I will work on wargame maker and finalwar until every bug is solved, the infantry added, and the ai improved. [br][br]Lets hope this becomes a reality :), i for one used to do mods for Red Alert and would love to see this arrive on the Dreamcast, check out the GpFinalWar Site Here (http://matkeupon.gp32z.com/index_en.html).