View Full Version : PSP with pandora battery and magic memory stick still not working?

January 21st, 2009, 09:52
please please can any one help. I hav a psp-1003 phat. i uhad vers 3.4 oea and upgrdaded to 3.71 then went on to upgrade further and it bricked. so i bought a pandora battery. downloaded easy installer and made a magic memory stick through my card reader. charged the pandora and still can't get anything but the green power light.it's orange on charge and then obviously green on batt. but nothing else happens. nothing boots up,no recovery screen, tried the left hold down and insert batt still nothing.only the power light stays on. I am so frustrated. Am i doing something,so simple,wrong or could it be the motherboard flashed to death?:confused:

January 23rd, 2009, 15:13
hi all i searched and searched yesterday to make a magic memory stick. finally done it. i had to borrow a psp off a friend then usb it.found a file on the web called 'the file you need'. followed instructions.created magic memory stick thru the running psp.placed stick in fully bricked psp, put in pandora battery and hey presto all lights flashing.booted up. followed instructions and then when it came into life i used the programme embedded in the card to install cfw 3.71 i then downloaded updates to make it 3.71 m33-4. then onto 4.1 m33-4 and now upto 5.0 m33-4.not the 5.0 m33-6 as it says not to if installed 3.71 earlier. i love my phat psp and now iwe are back together