View Full Version : Possibly New Music for a HomeBrew Release

September 9th, 2004, 08:51
This could be for any game that is going to be released. I talked a little about this band in some forums and this is help for them and anybody who wants new music for a homebrew game. They have 70's sound more like new music from Jet and other bands that follow them aswell.

Visit www.undecidedonline.tk to get We Look Good track if you think they are good for your game i can see if they want to make an exclusive just for your game its there decision or they might just let you use one song from there cd its in their decision.

This will help get there name out and possibly get your game to be a top downloader or buyer. Please leave some comments and tell me if this band fits in to your category.

I will let the band know that you want some music in your game and possibly they will enter the scene and let you know or i will let you know myself. This band rocks and i hope to get these guys some popularity not only from the video game scene but in the music scene aswell.

I also think this would be neat for the band cause this would be a first possibility of having there band music in a game. Anyways post me about any information and if you want some music for your games and etc.