View Full Version : Games that work with GTA eloader on 2.6

February 6th, 2006, 00:54
Hi, I'm on firmware 2.6 and I have downloaded the new GTA eloader. I have checked the list at http://www.fanjita.org/content/gta_working.html

After trying various games that where meant to work on firmware 2.6 none worked. I did download Super Mini Mario V2 and it works fine. I've tried turning off my PSP and trying again but they still won't work.

The games I've tried are:

PSPacman by PSPeerless v1.0

and none of these work, if anyone with 2.6 has got others to work could you please post them in here to let me and others know which games work and also the ones you have tried that doesn't work.

I will keep one trying different homebrew in the mean time and let you all know which ones work. I love homebrew!!

Oh GTATetris works fine but I don't think you can install it with the eloader, so I haven't tried

February 6th, 2006, 01:27
I know I said it in the other post but it can take alot of tries to get it working. Some people 10+ times for certain programs.

February 6th, 2006, 01:43
It's bound to get better though isn't it? If all the games worked as well as mini mario it would be great. I'm not that patient to try that many times. The only reason I posted this thread was so I know which games definately work on firmware 2.6 then I would persevere with the ones that do but it's a waste of time trying 10+ times to get a game working that doesn't work on 2.6. At least if I know someone else has got them working I know I'm not wasting my time.. Have you got any working or aren't you on 2.6?

February 7th, 2006, 16:40
ok, the loader isnīt perfect now.
the "working list" is for the beta, and if fanjita relases the no beta, the list will grow fast.
i think now one realy cares what is exctly working on the beta.

The problem will questions like "what will work?" is, that for exepel scummVM doesnīt work on every psp.

easyest thing is to wait for the full.... hope soon.........

February 8th, 2006, 15:20
but scummvm does work on v2.6!!
woo hoo

February 8th, 2006, 18:57
well scummVM works!
but only the first beta on only a fwe pspīs fnjita donīt know why.

February 8th, 2006, 21:13
No I don't have a version 2.6 PSP. I am just relaying the info I know. Looks like the memory isn't clearing out all the way, that seems to be one problem. Because users are saying if they remove the battery pack for 30+ seconds it seems to help. Though it seems alittle weird to me. But by all means good ahead and try what games work, but it seems to be different for everyone. =D