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February 7th, 2006, 16:37
I'm suprised that nobody (commercially or homebrew-wise) has considered writing a music creation package.

I think the PSP would make an ideal portable music making machine much like the old Yamaha QY10 (a bespoke psp-sized mini-synthesizer)

I used to dabble with Octimed on the Amiga, even an old-skool sample tracker like Octimed would be useful. (I'd try an Amiga Emu. but I've got a 2.01 psp so would have to wait until one was supported by eloader)

Is there any projects out there to bring a music creation package to the PSP?

If not is anybody interested in porting or creating a new one? I don't code but I'm a professional graphic artist so could help with interface graphics and such.


Bliz's Art and graphics site (http://www.bliz.co.uk)

February 7th, 2006, 20:52
isnt that what pspkick is? sort of lke a drum machine? is that what u mean?

February 7th, 2006, 20:54

That's the best you'll get so far. There's also a synth based tracker-style program being worked on. I think it's called pspseq.

I would really like to see one with a functional, intuitive, piano roll, but I say that whenever any drum machine, sequencer, or anything of the like comes out. .

February 8th, 2006, 10:31
funny thing is I sold an old groovebox of mine to fund my psp initialy. although if someone was to create a piano roll type sequencer with usb support for all the wonderful usb audio accessories like an edirol controller keyboard I will be over the moon. pspkick is nice with those nice old linn drum samples so for now that is the best.

February 8th, 2006, 12:54
Ok thanks for the replys guys, really appreciate it. I found the rhythm app after posting. Don't know if it works on my psp yet (at work at mo.) but at least it sounds like stuff is slowly but surely being worked on.

For a laugh I emailed Empire (the guys who publish EJay) and asked them if they would port EJay over to PSP at any point. I got an email back a couple of hours later saying that EJay was developed externally but that they've forwarded my request to the developer - so who knows, maybe one day a pro or semipro app will make it across.


Bliz's Art and Graphics page (http://www.bliz.co.uk)

February 9th, 2006, 12:11
Had a play with Rhythm last night and I was pretty impressed - just need to read the manual now. :D

February 7th, 2008, 22:47
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