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February 15th, 2009, 21:28

I know there is a multitude of tutorials on this site and others, and I have read A LOT of them but I feel overwhelmed. I just need a few questions answered to get me off the ground.

First off, I have a PSP-2000. It came with the official firmware 3.95, although it is now upgraded to 5.03. I bought it brand new last month. What I really want to do with my psp is run emulators and such, like old nintendo emulators and PSX2PSP. What I'm wondering is:

My psp is pandorable, right? I have seen no reason to believe it isn't but just to be safe.

After I pandora/mms it and whatever i need to do, what is the best CFW for what I want? I've seen all the m33 (3.90, 5.00, etc) and that one with the spanish name but i can't tell which is the best.

My cousin has a psp slim and he is running all this stuff. we talk about it sometimes but its hard to get together because hes lives 2 states away. in the many tutorials i've read, they've said that i need another psp that can run homebrew so his would be that. Just wondering if there's anything else i would need to know to get this going.

BTW, whats the best place to buy a premade pandora battery/mms? I don't trust ebay:p

Thanks in advance to anyone who feels like helping

February 17th, 2009, 05:40
There is a big posibility that it is pandorable, you might want to check the sticky on the upper part of the help forum

Best firmware 5.00M33-6

Ask your cousin to make a pandora's battery and magic memory stick, or at least get to know how

If he can't, buy a datel tool battery

February 18th, 2009, 15:46
thanks much!

makes this whole thing a lot easier to take on now