View Full Version : Downgrade Your Zune 30

February 16th, 2009, 20:00
I still don't like the new firmware, and have been searching for a way to downgrade. Here is a way that worked for me! FIRST: This only works with 30GB ZUNES! Don't attempt to install on any other ZUNE! ALSO: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE DONE TO YOUR ZUNE IN THE PROCESS OF THIS. IF YOU MESS UP, YOUR FAULT!"

So I donít know why anyone would want to do this but if you really want to downgrade your Zune 30 to the original firmware, then Canberra25 over at Zune Boards has found a way. Of course, you can only do this if you have a Zune 30 and donít have any music purchased from the marketplace or use subscription music. Again, I donít know why anyone would want to do this.

But who am I to decide what you want to do. So if you really want to do itÖfollow the link!