View Full Version : Miss driller v2 update

August 24th, 2004, 07:28
Update version 2 Miss driller dc port

Dpad controls are now implemented and also there is in game music *implemented,analog controls are *now only used for the menu and high scoretable. *So now vmu saving is about all thats left to do controls are now very good using the dpad. Keyboard and analog still work as well. So use the dpad for ingame controls *use analog for the menus and highscore table. Fscanf routine has to be rewritting for saving to work correctly. more complex in game music system will be next. Thats all for this version should be what you were looking for controls *for dpad

please note dpad controls only work in game.

Authors site *the author is from japan so i cant translate it sorry.

GPL code.

Analog stick is used for the menu and high score table only

Dpad for all ingame controls *new*

Ingame music *new*

Press A to confirm menu choices
Press X to simulated the enter button *EG* for the high score table.

http://imrtechnology.ngemu.com/ for many more dreamcast pd software and ports

Also an untested SBI pack for it. let me know if it works i dont have any cdr's right now.