View Full Version : Request: FreeCivDS

mad maniak
February 22nd, 2009, 00:56

If you do not know what FreeCiv is, it is a PC homebrew Civilization 2 but better. It's source etc. is free to use/download for everyone who is interested, and it is the best civ. around gameplay-wise.
So, graphics suck, small game size, best gameplay possible. Do I hear NDS?

The question I ask are:
1. Would it be possible to port this (in a reasonable amount of time)?
2. Is anyone interested in such a project?

I would help out with all the time I have spare, but I am not much of a coder.

And, yes, I know of the existence of CivRevDS, but it sucks (compared to Civ2 or FreeCiv).

Best regards,