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August 20th, 2004, 21:13
Dear Friend,
Csharks is an upcoming game developing firm in India which creates games in multiple platforms (DirectX,Flash,J2ME,Director,OpenGL).We are open sourcing Linda-“The Rising of the Phoenix Trilogy” a dos game in which you had to fight with 7 diabolic monsters in 3 dangerous levels with 141 pickups. Linda was a game coded in C using TurboC Ver3.0 in around 9000 lines of code. We wish to put Linda Srccode and binaries in your website. You can download the Linda Srccode 1.37 MB from
Http://www.csharks.com/Downloads/Linda_Srccode.zip. You can download the game alone 394 KB from Http://www.csharks.com/Downloads/Installer.exe
The pad file can be found at Http://www.csharks.com/Downloads/Linda.xml

On behalf of all at Csharks
Ajish Gani Habib

”For all your game ouTsourcing needs”
info@csharks com


Mongolian Myths depicts - Zelora - The Galaxy of Death- Guarded by the fire breathing diabolic monsters who will even sacrifice their blood for their duty. For untold eons mankind has known and feared Zelora & those hell mates.

On a Mission to capture the gold and Hidden treasures of this Death Hanging Arena and to redistribute it among the poor and innocent guys of the Mother-Galaxy Linda and her teammates were captured alive.

Professor , her team lead - who was her candle in her hard times was beheaded as he refused to obey the monsters ! And her tiny brother gave his life to save her.......Linda was the most tragic victim of the invasion of Zelora.......While a captive on Zelora, vile experiments transformed her flesh into something far more and far less than human. During the experiments done in their genetics lab using advanced biotechnology Linda resurrected as a humanoid battle machine!!!

Linda is still haunted by the memoirs of her fallen groups and the evils that killed them> It maybe that she believes she is fighting this battle for her dearest teammates .......She won't admit defeat until the last drop of blood in her body has split out, Until she has dissolved into the all consuming void!!!

U as Linda had to complete the mission- Had to come out from this multidimensional structure populated with the greatest warriors in this vast universe; Of course with laurels ).-

Time has now come for the resurrection of u from your ashes like a phoenix! To prove to this universe that u alone could carry on this mission to success!

If not u then who else will ask the revenge???

Take of the challenge ).-