View Full Version : Hugo Released

August 10th, 2004, 10:44
Before you ask its not the PC Engine Emulator :)[br][br]Kamjin has released a Port/Source of the Interactive fiction interpreter HUGO. Intended to show how the Character Demo code can be used to port/make text and adventures games in very little time. Those who want to actually play games on it. Needs a DC Keyboard, and no save support. [br][br]More info[br][br] While sorting though a pile of old CDR's I came across this source. I originally made this for myself, and did not see a purpose to release it.[br] After looking it over I decided to use the chardemo I [br]previously wrote to show how simple it is to port or make a[br]text or text w/graphics adventure in just an hour or so.[br]So I ripped out my old code, and literally cut 'n pasted chunks of the chardemo in here.[br][br] While this is mainly for tutorial purposes those who enjoy[br]Interactive fiction games might take interest in this. It's[br]Keyboard only, and doesn't have save support.[br][br] Graphics, sound, and save support can easily be added through KOS's JPG,MOD, and VMU functions. The source is there, hack away![br][br]To those who actually want to play games on this, I've included an unscrambled bin file. It looks for game files (.hex) on the root of the CD, and will display the first 48 files only. I don't think there's more than 20 hugo games total though. Also Pirate Adventure (Adams) is contained in the romdisk just press P on the menu to play it. There's no save, sound, or graphics support.[br][br]Eytan Kaziberdov [br][br]Ive personally never heard of Hugo before but new Homebrew software is always cool :)[br][br]Download from the Hugo Page (http://www.dcemu.co.uk/hugo.shtml)