View Full Version : DS tops quiet hardware week chart in Japan

March 6th, 2009, 16:28
Nintendo DS hardware, including the DS Lite and DSi variations, once again topped the weekly hardware sales chart in Japan, according to data from Media Create.

It sold 47,600 units altogether, for the week ending March 2, a figure that was down by over 4000 on the previous week. The DSi sold the majority of that number, accounting for 35,800, while the DS Lite sold almost 11,800.

The PlayStation 3's popularity surged, however, more than doubling its numbers over the previous week thanks to the release of Yakuza 3, which entered the software chart at number one.

Sony's flagship unit sold over 36,500 in total, just beating the PlayStation Portable's 35,600.

The Wii's sales numbers continued their uninspiring run, with the console shifting under 18,000 again over the week, while the Xbox 360 fell back to more normal levels at 11,800 following a stellar period the previous week.

The PlayStation 2 completed the list having sold just over 5000 units.

In total the week's chart handed Sony the overall win with 77,200 hardware unit sales, Nintendo almost 65,500 unit sales, and Microsoft just under 11,800.

The full list is as follows:

1. Nintendo DS: 47,601
2. PlayStation 3: 36,512
3. PlayStation Portable: 35,588
4. Nintendo Wii: 17,876
5. Xbox 360: 11,795
6. PlayStation 2: 5099


March 6th, 2009, 21:59
Star ocean fever is gone, sorry Bill

Wii is on fourth place, could this be the begining of the end, I'm sorry nintendo fans but I hope so