View Full Version : Tux & Barrels 0.2

August 2nd, 2004, 12:39
Impetus and the Screamcast team release an unoficial version of the Donkey Kong Barrel Jumping Clone. Heres the news from the Screamcast Site (http://www.screamcast.net/index.php) [br][br] Not really a major announcement, and unofficial because I did this on my own without consulting Lucious (the developer). New is demo version 0.2, which is essentially the same demo as the Easter Egg Beta (aka build 0.1.2), but with a graphical upgrade and GUI problems fixed. If you have downloaded and played this before, there's not much new to see. I fixed a lot of the embarassing graphical problems which had bothered me before, and took out the copyrighted tux image, but the code is 100% unchanged. Meaning it's still mucho buggy. I don't know if Lucious has plans to ever pick this up again, but now I can feel at peace with myself for fixing the graphics up. If you've never played this, try it out. Be warned, it's imperfect, but quite fun! [br][br]Download it from this Tux & Barrels Page (http://www.dcemu.co.uk/tuxandbarrels.shtml)