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February 13th, 2006, 23:22
Linkers4U.com (http://www.linker4u.com/affiliatewiz/aw.asp?B=3&A=244&Task=Click) have the new G6Flash 3rd Gen 2G Flash Cart Set for sale at their store, heres the info:


Product Features

Supports both GBA and original DS save data
Real GBA/NDS Mode with 'Full-NDS' game function
100% flashcard game compatibility
Support Movie, Picture, Ebook, Music
Super Real Time Save Function

More Description
Compatible with PassKey.
100% movie compatibility.
High speed data conversion with excellent video quality.
Up-to-Date Crystal Engine embedded.
100% flashcard game compatibility.
No slow-downs.
No conversion is necessary before running games.
Fully supports normal save data backups, and has a SMS system.
Battery and RTC IC embedded.
Highest compatibility Instant Save Function, Software Rest, IPS Cheat etc.
''Easy-Call'' special effect menu. Only one 4-key combination for all functions, key combination convenience for both NDS/GBA consoles (no need to remember so many different 4-key combinations for SAVE, RESET etc?
Support ''clean dump'' data.
Worlds first innovative NDS/GBA BOOT-UP CORE (NDS boots up with PASSKEY, GBA can be boot up with or without PASSKEY)
Supports games/programs of capacity larger than 256Mbit in size with no delay in game speed.
Real GBA/NDS Mode with ?Full-NDS ?game function.
Fast-Boot technology, games can boot up within 2 seconds (even 512Mb in size.)
Supports both Touch Screen Control and Button Key Control .
Supports ''Save data'' backing up into GBA or DS card & all save types are supported, including muti-saves.
Perfect ''Multi-NDS-Game'' function and menu.
Multi Game Save Management System (SMS).

Buy the G6Flash 3rd Gen 2G Flash Cart Set at Linkers4U.com (http://www.linker4u.com/affiliatewiz/aw.asp?B=3&A=244&Task=Click).