View Full Version : We Rock: Drum King Track List Revealed

March 11th, 2009, 22:52
505 Games has released the full track list for We Rock: Drum King, with Queen, The Clash, and Fall Out Boy all providing music to drum your Wii remotes along to.

The focus on drums makes the song list for We Rock: Drum King quite a bit different from what you'd see from Rock Band or Guitar Hero World Tour. "We Will Rock You", "The Final Countdown", "Click Click Boom" - these are the sort of tunes you drum out with your fingers on your car's dashboard while driving down the street, and with Drum King using two Wii remotes as drums sticks, it should pretty much be that simple as well.

Check out the full track list below, while pondering whether or not you'd actually buy a game that was all drums, all the time. Drum King is due out in April for Europe, with a May release planned in the states.