View Full Version : Big Problem Connecting to PS3 Network

March 13th, 2009, 20:49
Hi all!

I have a major problem when it comes to connecting to the PS3 Network.

Firstly when I go to invite one of my friends to play in COD: WAW it doesnt work and only a few friends can actually invite me or be invited by me while the others who it doesnt work for it just shows "Trying to Join Potential Matches" But thats not the main problem here.

The main problem is connecting to the PS3 Network itself. The connection was perfect until this week when I started getting disconnected from games and eventually getting signed out of the Network. Then this evening was the worst problem. I couldnt sign in at all and I was disconnected from the Access Point and I had to redo the Connection Settings. When I did that I used the same settings as I did when the Connection worked and it said "Couldnt Obtain IP Address" this has happened now for about 2 hours and I cant do anything. The really funny thing is that my computer connection works perfectly its just my PS3 thats is messing up.

Thanks and I hope you can help!