View Full Version : WIFI Problems!!! No green light?!?!?

February 15th, 2006, 10:26
Hey, im having major probs with psp, basicaly it wont connect to wifi at all?! Ive tried everything, restore default settings both with and without umd or memory stick in also turned on and off with wifi switch off, also installed wifi loader and nothing has worked! Basicaly when i try to connect to other psp's or to a connection it just either says internal error occured or connection failure?! with a long error code, looked both these error codes up and it says that it's timeing out. Also green wifi light doesnt come on at all and flat mates psp does! I need a solution plleeaasseeeeee anyone itd be soooo appreciated, i know theres a possibility it maybe the actual wireless card inside but i need to know what it is no matter what so i can fix it. Cheers guys