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February 15th, 2006, 20:09
PMP MOD + Networking guide (mainly for Windows users)

Thanks to Jonny for PMP MOD and Optixx for his networking addition. I would love to see this type of file loading from the network added for use with various emulators too!

I'm not going to get all long and drawn out on how to create network profiles on your PSP. If you don't know how consult your PSP manual. I will say, set all of your IP information statically instead of dynamic, seems to work a bit better for me. Your mileage may vary.

Download the latest version of PMP MOD + networking (1.02-M4g3 as of this writing) http://www.optixx.org/

Next install Python http://www.python.org/download/

For Windows just get the latest binary v.2.4.2 and install according to the directions (not hard ;) )

For *NIX it appears you have to build from source. Not sure if precompiled binaries are available or not.

Now extract PMP Mod to a temp location. Got to the PMPMOD_M4g3 folder and open pmp.ini (Windows users may want to do this using Wordpad the first time instead of Notepad due to CRLF issues between Windows and *NIX)

Edit the "con=0" for you network profile. I saw some users saying that 0 would be your first profile, 1 is next and so on. However on my PSP 1.5 firmware mine are 1 (home) and 2 (work).

Edit the "uri=" to match your PC's IP address. Make sure to keep the ":3333" as this defines the port to use.

I recommend setting "debug=0" instead of "1" also or remove the line completely.


Save the pmp.ini file then.

Copy "PMPMOD_M4g3" and "PMPMOD_M4g3%" to your PSP in "PSP/GAME"

It appears the PMP MOD won't load unless you have at least one PMP on your memory stick. Since I don't keep any PMP files on my MS I created a dummy file using Notepad and name it fake_video.pmp. I put this on my PSP as well in PSP/VIDEO


Let's move on then. Make a directory on your PC for your PMP videos if you don't have one already. Stick all your PMP's in there. Make note of the full path.

Next use Python or a text editor to modify the "pmp_server.py".

If your using Windows locate the line that reads "ROOT="C:\Movies" and change this to read your PMP video path like this for example "ROOT="E:\PMPVIDEO". If your using *NIX locate the line "ROOT="/movies" and make the path change as well.

Go ahead and save the pmp_server.py. I would suggest you leave all other settings in it alone also. Most likely if your reading this guide you shouldn't be touching anything else anyway. :P


Now, Windows users, simply double click the pmp_server.py.

*NIX users run the script like this, python pmp_server.py


Fire up your PSP and lunch PMP Mod. If PMP Mod hangs on the loading screen of the network config, most likely your network profile is not correct or you simply chose the wrong one back where we changed the "con=0" line in the pmp.ini file. It should load up rather fast.

Once it is loaded you should now see your pmp files. Play them from there.

I still have not been able to get it to show my file size or running time. I'm sure that will be worked out eventually.

Keep in mind that bitrate of your video, size, and WiFi connection issues all go into whether you will get smooth video or not.

Anyway I hope I didn't miss anything and this helps out those who are still having issues getting up and running.