View Full Version : Anyone playing Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX version)

March 18th, 2009, 09:11
Hey guys, could someone do me a massive favor and attach a copy of their SCUS94221 folder from the PSP/SAVEDATA directory zipped/rar'ed with full screen/stretched screen enabled?

I don't care about the save or anything like that, but I'm fairly sure any of the options (screen size, button config) work for different PSP's, as I tried downloading another one (who wasn't playing in fullscreen, sigh) and the analog stick was used instead of the d-pad, which has never happened for me before.

Long story short, my "home" button is absolutely screwed, and I just want to play FFT and can't set the game to "full screen/stretched" all because I can't use the simple home button. So annoying that's the only way you can open the options screen...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.