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January 1st, 1970, 01:00
Ian Micheal offers a downgraded HTML version of the Dreamcast game Whispering Secrets that he and his wife GabbiAngel created together for online playing with your favorite (Dreamcast) browser! Here's what Ian says about it:[br]Well here is the cut down HTML version of my homebrew game. There is going to be a big upgraded version with 3d grafix and some other gameplay parts dont want to spoil it but for people with out a burner or that wants to test a cut down version here it is online. will work on dc browser or IE or other's. [br][br]http://www.geocities.com/gabbiangel01/game/index.html [br][br]have fun.[br][br]You can get the original Dreamcast version (with music composed by Ian) as CDI here (http://www.dcemu.co.uk/secrets.shtml) or download the SBI at www.sbiffy.com[br][br]DC version is fully playable there are many endings and takes over 30 mins play at lest just reading the story on the contest version. [br]Directors cut will have great grafix and more to do as in battles and RPG 3d elements.[br]New version will be in the making for a long time yet. But it will be worth the wait. Yeah Im a c64 fan the game was made in that style. [...][br]Here's in the future style will be really good looking my wife is doing it all in light wave the grafix and from the ground up the whole house. Very early test scene: [br][br]http://www.geocities.com/imr_micheal/bed_curtains2_tb2.txt [br][br]Shes doing great in lightwave we can have full 3d and do myst style game play mixed with my fav style it should be very good in the end.[br]New version will share the style of the old just a lot more interaction as todays gamers really dont know this style of games any more. [br]Lic to it has been sold now. New version of the classic one fully polished will be pressed and sold but thats up to them now out of my hands.

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