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April 24th, 2004, 01:06
Metafox posted a newer update to the one we posted earlier, heres the newspost:[br][br] Dreamcast fans should mark the date of May 22nd on their calendars, as GOAT Store Publishing will be releasing two new Dreamcast games on that date! The two games are Inhabitants and Maqiupai, the winners of the first ever Dream On contest that was put together by Cyberdog Castle (http://dreamon.cyberdogcastle.com/).[br][br]"We are extremely excited to continue to publish great Dreamcast titles," stated Gary Heil of the GOAT Store, LLC. "The Dreamcast homebrew community has incredible talent, and we are honored to be publishing Inhabitants and Maqiupai through our GOAT Store Publishing division."[br][br]Inhabitants from S+F Software will put your skills to the test as you work your way through level after level of tile clearing action! Inhabitants is a puzzle game in which you need to clear as many tiles off the screen as possible, while getting special combos to score more points. After you master the game by yourself, take on your friends in two player mode, or if you are really daring four player mode! Do you have what it takes to get rid of the Inhabitants before they infest your Dreamcast?[br][br]Maqiupai from JMD is the centuries old game of Mahjong updated for your Dreamcast. Easy to learn, tough to master, all that you need to do is match the tiles to clear the board. Of course, the clock will be working to stop you from achieving your goal. Can you complete every challenge that Maqiupai will face you with? This is the ultimate Mahjong game for the ultimate system![br][br]Preorders for the games have begun to be accepted as of April 21, 2004 through the GOAT Store, LLC Web site. Both Inhabitants and Maqiupai will be officially released at this year?s Midwest Gaming Classic event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Preorders will ship on May 24th. Dreamcast is a trademark of Sega Enterprises, Ltd. Both Inhabitants and Maqiupai are not sponsored, endorsed or affiliated with Sega. For more information, please contact Dan Loosen at loosen(at)goatstore.com, or visit the GOAT Store Web site at http://www.goatstore.com/. Preordering information for Inhabitants may be found at http://www.goatstore.com/info.php?id=372010 and Maqiupai may be found at http://www.goatstore.com/info.php?id=372020. The Midwest Gaming Classic may be found at www.midwestgamingclassic.com. More information on GOAT Store Publishing as well as multiple new titles for the Dreamcast will be made available in the near future.[br][br]-- and --[br][br]Get coupons for preordering Inhabitants and Maqiupai[br][br]Customers who preorder either of the newly announced GOAT Store Publishing Dreamcast releases Inhabitants or Maqiupai will receive a 5% off coupon that can be applied to any future purchase that the person makes through the GOAT Store, LLC's Web site. Preordering both games will give the customer a 10% off coupon![br][br]The coupons are a one-time use coupon that may only be used on the GOAT Store, LLC online Web site (http://www.goatstore.com/). Only one coupon may be used per order. The coupon will be seperately generated and sent to the customer within 72 hours of the placing of the preorder.