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April 3rd, 2009, 02:34
Okay, I know I'm getting into this a few years too late, but I'm in the market for a ps2, and I'd like to have it modded because I dont trust myself with a solding iron. But before I get into that, I have a couple of questions that hopefully someone can answer for me.

I have a DS that I play games with using an R4 card (download and attach to a microSD). Now, with a harddrive, can I do that with the ps2? Download and put on the hd, and have a bunch of games? I assume you need a modchip to do this, correct? What other programs do I need to do this?

I found a person selling premodded ps2's. As you can see by my ramblings above, I have no idea what I'm doing. Here are our conversations:

ME: Are the fat systems premodded with a harddrive and modchip, or with swapmagic?
If harddrive and modchip, what size harddrive and what modchip is used?

HIM: No hard drive....just the modchip.
You have a choice between the Duo3 Ultra and the Modbo 4.0 ($10 more).

ME: With either of those modchips, a hard drive is used, right? Do you know if it is relatively easy to install or connect a harddrive? Sorry, I am new at this...^-^

HIM: Both modchips is capable of handling a HDD....since both has the feature to boot from DEV mode:

Developmental Mode.....allows you to boot apps like HD Loader or HD Advance....these apps can manage HDDs and the data stored onto them.

But....the Modbo allows you to play any PS2 game from all over the world....the Duo3 only allows NTSC USA/JAP games to be played.

I charge $25 to install the programs necessary for you to have HDD support on your FAT PS2.....you would have to send me a memory card or buy one from me (32MB = $20, 64MB = $35). Of course you need a modchip.

Here is a link to his ad: http://www.sell.com/23S7WZ

I just recently sent him a question regarding the programs for HDD support. Still awaiting an answer.

Are those modchips any good? Should I pay the extra money for him to install the programs, or is this something I can do my self at a lower cost or free?

Sorry to bother everyone about this, but I have no one else to talk to or answer my questions.
If you can't understand my ramblings, I apologize. I couldn't really figure out how to put my concerns to words ^-^;;

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, and thank you for your time.