View Full Version : Chikugoyaku Status Update

April 22nd, 2004, 20:49
Metafox (my friend from Emucamp and newsposter at DCEmulation and DC Homebrew) has posted this news.[br][br] I feel I owe everyone an explanation for several things. Although I normally write this stuff in my journal section of my forums, I figured I'd post it here, since this involves the entire Dreamcast community, and my forum isn't widely used or even widely known. [br][br]I'm temporarily closing down the Cyberdog Castle store. My grandfather has alzheimer's disease, and I've been living with him - helping my grandmother out when my mother is at work. Anyone who has had a family member with alzheimer's, knows that it is a very debilitating disease that is as hard on the family that is there to care for their loved one, as it is on the loved one himself. [br][br]All preorders for Chikugoyaku and prior orders for Feet of Fury will be shipped. The remaining pieces of Chikugoyaku will be sold at the Midwest Gaming Classic, and later online via eBay and possibly online stores such as The Goat Store and Lik Sang. No more orders for Feet of Fury will be taken, but if you still wish to preorder Chikugoyaku, PM me here. [br][br]Work on Chikugoyaku has been slow, but it still will be released at the MGC as promised. It will not include everything I had originally planned. It will be multiplayer only, and won't include as many unlockables and secrets as I had hoped. The good news is that I have been working on setting it up for expansion, meaning that I will release a bonus disc with my planned single player cinematic game. The bonus to this is that it also makes the game moddable. [br][br]If all goes well in this weekend's bugtesting, I will send the game off to be pressed on Monday. [br][br]Thanks, everyone, for your support and understanding. [br][br]Good luck Metafox :)