View Full Version : My DS charges but does not turn on. Help please?

April 5th, 2009, 08:13
Ok i own 2 ds's. A ds lite(black) and a regular ds (silver). Well i dropped my ds lite while it was charging. When i tried to turn it on the green light would turn on for about a couple of seconds and turn off. So.. i looked it up on google and it told me to remove the F1 power fuse since it may have shorted out. And so i did. I removed the F1 and F2 fuses and soldered both of them. The problem persists. So i opened up my working regular ds (silver) to see if it could give me some insight on what could be the problem but that was a big mistake. I carefully detached everthing and when i reattached everything on the regular ds it wouldn't turn on. So... now i'm stuc with no ds's....

what should i do?

Yes with the DS lite the bottom screen flashes right before it powers off.The top screen doesn't do anything.

Oh the regular ds (silver) doesn't power on either. no lights nothing. When i stick in the charger (with battery inside ds) the red light glows for about 2-3 seconds then turns off. The ds (Silver) won't turn on at all, even when i press the button. I also tried to power it on by pressing the power button immediately after inserting the charger and i can get a green light for about 1 sec. Any insight on the silver ds?

what should i do?
Any insight will be greatly appreciated.

April 23rd, 2009, 07:26
Time to buy a DSI! hahaha