View Full Version : alive or dead 360 homebrew

gaia darkness
April 5th, 2009, 16:17
i would like to know is the 360 being work on by any coders out there i highly doubt it since i never see any new posts on this topic and it makes me think that tons of people just don't care about the ps3 or the 360 by that i mean just that there are a few mods themes and only one emulator that well run on the 360 but that's it another system alot of people dont even rember is the 360 we see alot of emulators out there in todays world such as the gba sega nes snes and a few handful of others but not once has anyone made a 3do cdi turbo gfx cd even the most smallest emulator such as the virtual boy it would be awesome to Bering some of the old gaming systems back into this world and iam very sure the ps3 could hander the Sega Saturn probably even run better and yes i know iam not the first to have said that and i wont be the last there are tons of people who love the Sega Saturn just like the dream cast and that is another system no one has ever been able to port to another system and since iam on this topic why dont people make compatible versions of apps and games for the psp phat any more