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April 10th, 2004, 19:08
News Source = DC Homebrew:[br][br]As you may know by now, the winners of the Dream On Dreamcast coding competition have been announced. Five entries were submitted: Boll (a multiplayer ball rolling combat game) by quarn, Maqiupai (http://jm1200.ifrance.com/jm1200/maqiupai/) (a Mahjong game) by JMD, Inhabitants (http://sfsoftware.zophar.net/) (a puzzle game) by S+F Software, Whispered Secrets (http://imrtechnology.ngemu.com) (a choose your own adventure game) by Ian Micheal, and Trampalien Gunmen DC (http://www.storm-studios.net/GPF/) (a two player trampolining shooting game) by GPF.[br][br]Out of the five, three winners were selected (the top two of which get a commercial run of thier game by The Goat Store (http://www.goatstore.com)):[br]1. Inhabitants[br]2. Maqiupai[br]3. Boll[br][br]Congratulations to all the winners. For those interested in buying the CDs of Inhabitants and Maqiupai, they will be released by The Goat Store at The Midwest Gaming Classic (http://www.midwestgamingclassic.com), as well as sold online. They will be available for preorder at The Goat Store (http://www.goatstore.com) shortly.[br][br]Thanks to Metafox for the news.