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April 8th, 2009, 22:27
The webmaster of tehskeen has posted a rannt about one of the folks behind the Twilight hack for Wii, onne should note that Brakken seems to think he has never done annything wrong and is 100% totally blameless and posts about sourcing etc but in the early days of the Gamecube scene his site tried to get people to compile releases, but anyway heres the rant for anyone interested:

So who the hell is Marcan and why should we care? Well, to answer the second question – we shouldn’t. Now let’s poke at the first question. Marcan is part of Team Twiizer’s the scene coding group who created the Twilight Princess Exploit which led to running unsigned code on the Nintendo Wii. Mind you, he didn’t find the exploit – he only helped with the code. Additionally, he helped create the Homebrew Channel which is used worldwide to run unsigned code (aka Homebrew) on the Nintendo Wii. He has also contributed to the Wii development scene with R&D and is planning on releasing an application for the Wii pretty soon called “BootMii”.

With that said he’s earned the respect from many sceners (people in the “scene”) and because of this has established some sort of “God” complex. He thinks, because he helped with such achievements that he can treat other people like he is better than them. He is also a hothead that explodes when someone uses his open source work for purposes he doesn’t approve of and rants on when people don’t do as he wants them to.

What’s open source? Its work that is open for anyone do anything they like freely with it. Marcan thinks he can control what it’s used for and gets pretty angry when it’s not used the way he would like. Well, wake up Marcan. It’s open source! It’s just too damned bad if people use it for purposes you don’t approve of. That’s not part of the licensing agreement. Additionally, who the hell is he to say what others should do. Of course, he has his morals, but shoving them down people’s throats doesn’t make him many friends.

Let’s take a step backward in time before Marcan, who without Bushing the initial creator of the Twilight Princess exploit would still be a “nobody” in the scene. Back in the day homebrew was still possible on the Nintendo Wii, but only through GameCube mode. Homebrew for the Wii back then and now is created using DevKitPro and LibOGC. Without these very important development tools there would be no games, applications or similar in the abundance we see today.

Marcan by no means didn’t start the “scene” as it existed long before he came into it. Marcan is only a small part of the bigger picture. There are around one hundred other developers that have put just as much time and effort, if not more, into creating content for the scene. This content includes the homebrew we all enjoy, the many guides and FAQs available, Wiki’s, forums, websites – it’s an entire community. Although, Marcan doesn’t seem to realize this. He acts if Twiizer’s “owns” the scene; hence the “God” complex I mentioned earlier.

A prime example of this is the ranting he does when someone in the scene makes a mistake (which I have come under his Godly wrath for doing). In Marcan’s ignorance to not talk to certain people unless he feels they are worthy enough he ignored some questions I had regarding a commercial product for the Nintendo Wii he was going to sell. I had learned about this product from [nuke] another major player in the scene. [nuke] unintentionally gave me some wrong information about Marcan’s product. I tried to contact Marcan while he was online, chatting with others, but he ignored me.

So I used the information I was provided with and ran the news story. It turns out the information was inaccurate and then, and only then, when the news article was published – not minutes later he replies cursing me out for getting the story wrong. Well, Marcan … if you would have replied to me this could have been avoided. However, he took the situation too far and started slandering TehSkeen as much as he could. This was almost a year ago and he’s still got an anti-TehSkeen agenda and tries his best to drive developers away from our site.

TehSkeen started in 2005 and quickly became a ground for GameCube development which later led to Wii development. There were many talented people who came and went and used TehSkeen to share information, resources and ideas. In fact, the Wii scene as you know it wouldn’t be the same if the people who used TehSkeen in such ways didn’t do so. TehSkeen was the spawning ground for many great homebrew projects.

TehSkeen and I aren’t the only ones that have come under attack from Marcan and his minions. He has successfully purged [nuke]; the creator of one of the most advanced coding and hacking tools, the USB Gecko from the scene. He did this by not compromising with [nuke] over private matters that do not need to be discussed in a public forum. Needless to say, after the way Marcan treated [nuke] he left the scene. Way to go Marcan!

So, you’ve read this far and might be wondering what are my motivations at writing this? Well, it’s over recent events concerning blog posts Marcan has made attacking another very talented and well respected developer Waninkoko. Waninkoko is one of the people who have used the open source or freely available code and information Marcan has helped contribute to the scene for purposes Marcan doesn’t like.

Waninkoko has a complete different set of ethical standards then Marcan. This is something Marcan doesn’t quite grasp. Waninkoko used this free information and code to create two different “backup” loaders. Marcan, who admits to using backups himself attacked Waninkoko for creating the loaders (can we say hypocrite) claiming he could do better. Marcan even created his own USB based game loader just to show Waninkoko up. This loader was not released. Can we say someone needs to grow up?

Now, Marcan has sets his eyes on the developers of DevKitPro and LibOGC. He claims the tools are flawed and plans to make his own. This is fine, but the way he is treating the two main developers who created these tools for free and out of their own spare time is arrogant to say the least. If it wasn’t for them there would be little to none homebrew for the Wii. So why has Marcan set out to shut them down?

It’s simple. He’s grown a god complex and is a total control freak that flies off the handle at every little thing. Due to the respect he has received, but does not deserve he has followers who abide by his biddings. So when Marcan throws a temper tantrum his followers follow suit. This is very counterproductive and is tearing the scene apart.

Marcan, grow up! I know you’re only 18 and have a lot to learn, but you aren’t going to last that long in this scene if you start tearing away at its foundation. You can’t do it all by yourself. You can’t control others. You are not better than anyone else no matter what you’ve done. The way you treat people is going to push you into a corner until you can’t move and you’re going to bring your loyal followers down with you.

UPDATE 1 - If you didn't know, the Homebrew Channel was coded using LibOGC and wouldn't exist without it.

i expect more to follow soon :P

April 10th, 2009, 00:14
ahh dramas.