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March 2nd, 2006, 02:13
Ok, so, I dont have a DS yet, but I was just wondering, Exactly what all do i need if All I really plan to do emulaion-wise is play SNES games? Ive looked all over, but not seen anything to really tell me what I need.

And also, I know this is a bit early, but does anyone have any idea what, if anything, additional will be required for a DS Lite? I ask this because I plan to get one if emulation is an option

March 2nd, 2006, 05:47
i have seen pictures posted by romman that the supercard works on the ds lite, so i'm pretty sure you require a superpass 2 and a supercard as with any new nds.

to play snes games i don't think you need a superpass as the supercard already has an emulator on it i think - but not all snes games work correctly so you might want to check out compatability somewhere.

March 2nd, 2006, 22:51
Alright, then, any known conflicts with CF x SD?

and just for some clarification, If I have no plans to run homebrew/commercial roms, just snes and possibly gba roms, All I need is a flashcart, right?

and also, ive heard mixed reviews for the supercards, which cart would you reccomend?

March 3rd, 2006, 11:14
i personally only have a supercard - i think it should run snes just fine but i would do background work on it and the m3 just to make sure.

for the supercard, new programs that come out were previously more compatable to cf as to run on sd they needed another driver to be included - also some game have said to of had better compatability but with all the updates lately they are the same.

What you really need to choose from is the look of the card - the cf memory stick sticks out of the cf card - some people don't like that and think its dangerous, while the sd card it fully inserted and out of the way and only sticks out about a cm of an orginal ds

March 5th, 2006, 03:53
Right, Ive been looking at both, and while the M3 is hailed as the best most places, it usually runs about double the cost of a supercard.

Besides, what indication is there that the M3 will even work with the lite.

March 5th, 2006, 04:17
i would pretty much put them on par - i can't see why the m3 wouldn't work if the sc did, but its not my region - perhaps try a m3 forum for those sorts of specifics

March 5th, 2006, 04:41
Ok, I couldnt find any.

Since you apparantly have a SC, could you see if it will run SNES Roms?
cause yeah, the large price diference for stuff im probably not going to use(movie veiwer, etc.) doesnt look too amazing...

March 9th, 2006, 05:19
it will run snes roms ubt its not ideal - it has trouble with alot of games such as graphic glitched but i think thats more a problem of it runnig no a ds than being on a supercard

March 12th, 2006, 03:27
right, any games known specifically not to work? I tried, but i couldnt find a list.

March 13th, 2006, 02:26