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April 15th, 2009, 20:05
I am looking to take the plunge with linux but I needed some info. I have searched around the forum but either the info was very old or it was a bit sketchy on some info.

First off, this is my first foray into linux. I am an experienced windows user however.

1) My primary use for the linux is for emulators, most in particular, MAME. I may do a bit hulu (firefox - flash) and some pogo (java) but apart from that its all for emulators.

with that in mind, which distro should I use? Ubuntu, YDL, etc..?

2) Is there a full feature Linux install ISO somewhere with all the basic files including emulators or do I have to hunt them down separately? Also, are all the drivers compiled and ready or do I have to hunt down bluetooth drivers etc to use the Dual Shock controllers wirelessly?

3) Is the SDLMame (or alternatives) even worth trying for the PS3? I tried SDLMame on the WII homebrew and it was so buggy it was to the point it wasnt worth the hassle. (BTW - I was mainly going to play games like 4 player TMNT arcade, Xmen, and Tower of Doom type games).

4) Everywhere I looked about using a LiveCD claims you have to have linux installed already to take advantage (which makes sense but kinda defeats the purpose of a LiveCD). Is that still the case? as that would be a great way to get into all of this without formatting.

5) I think I saw somewhere you can only sync 1 bluetooth DS controller at a time making multiplayer games impossible, but that site was really old. Can you sync multiple DS controllers just fine now?

Thanks for your help guys.

April 17th, 2009, 02:12
1) I've seen a lot of packages of games and emulators recently for YDL on the PS3. If you install Fedora, you can always use the Livna repository for most of those as well. I haven't looked at Ubuntu on the PS3 for a while, but if you went that way, most of that stuff is available as debian packages.

So in the end, you do have choices for distros on the PS3. I suggest you try them all to see if one strikes your fancy. That's the great thing about linux - the only thing you lose by trying a variety of distros is the time you put into it, and most people have more time than money.

2) I seem to remember a distro for the PS3 with emulators already included, but I wasn't paying attention. You'll just have to look around for it.

3) No idea. I rarely use MAME, and I think the last one I used was xMAME.

4) No. There are a couple of LiveCDs for the PS3, and they only need the OTHEROS loader.


There's also a Gentoo Live CD, but it's pretty old at this point.

5) No idea.

Most of this stuff is WAY beyond this forum. You need to get this info from the forum for the distro you wind up using. For example, the Fedora Forum will have a LOT more info about running Fedora on the PS3 than this board. :)

April 17th, 2009, 17:16
thanks for the reply, Ill check around some more.