View Full Version : Problems withDCaSTaway and ZX4ALL Overscan, virtual keyboard

April 20th, 2009, 03:30
Hey everyone DCaSTaway and ZX4ALL are great emulators but I am having trouble with overscan on both. The bottom portion of both emulators is cut off and only half of the virtual keyboard is visible. Does anyone know why this is? Do I have to patch something?

Also, the virtual keyboard some of the keys are blurry, truncated, cut/off or missing. This isn't a glitch it's just the way the virtual keyboard was made, however...

I was looking on you-tube and found a uae4all dreamcast version with a much better looking keyboard.

I was wondering if this one could be implemented because it is clearer and much easier to read. Here is a link to the better looking keyboard.


Below is a picture of the problem I have with the bottom of the screen getting cut off along with the keyboard