View Full Version : Bluetooth for PSP?

April 21st, 2009, 21:37
Hi, noob here, been lurking a while but have a question so I thought I'd post.

This has probably been asked before so apologies in advance if it has.

I've got 2 PSPs, 1 phat and 1 slim (I bought a spare last year, the slim, as the power on/off slider on my phat appeared to be falling off, but hasn't since I put it back on. :confused: ), and I also have a pair of Sony Bluetooth headphones.

So I'd like to use the Sony Bluetooth headphones on my PSP (preferably the phat as it has CFW on it and I use it to play some of my PSX games).

My iPod Nano is full up (it's only an 8gb one) and it's cheaper for me to buy an SDHC>Pro Duo adaptor and use the two 8gb SDHC cards I have in my PSP than it would be to buy a 16GB iPod...

...but I can't find any way of using my Bluetooth headphones.

I have seen a device by Bluetake called the i-Phono Mini whilst searching online but that seems to mysteriously be unavailable and I've seen numerous Bluetooth dongles, but I don't know if any old Bluetooth dongle will work.

So if anyone could help me out on this I'd be really grateful.

Thanks in advance. :)