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April 24th, 2009, 19:46
Play the Shareware or full version (if you own the original PC game)



April 25th, 2009, 22:14

Wow, been awhile since I posted here...

For anyone following the project:

1) 1.1a also fixed the save/loading bug which is why I compiled the game for the full version.
2) The glitch where the statusbar does not render correctly after returning to the game via the control panel is fixed.
3) Spear of destiny is also playable if you have the *.sod files.
4) Strafing is implemented by holding the b button, that changes "turning" into "Strafing" just like holding the alt key on the pc version.

Some of the news sites are just reporting that the only difference between the two version is the support of the full/shareware game.

Quite a few people have requested wiiDoom style controls, so I'm going to work on that next along with gamecube/classic controller support.

Music/adlib sound fx comes next, and after that I guess I'm pretty much done :)

Anyway I just wanted to give you guys the status on the port and if you have comments/suggestions/complaints/ideas feel free, please feel free, to drop me a pm

'MrPeanut - http://drop.io/Wolf3dWii

May 1st, 2009, 23:23
Thanks for your hard work MrPeanut. :thumbup: