View Full Version : New eloader Bière d'Alsace

March 9th, 2006, 02:47
I'm proud to present the latest eLoader release - version 0.96, codenamed "Bière d'Alsace". The main focus of this release was to improve the configuration model, so that we have lots more flexibility for sorting out configuration problems. As well, we added a few features to spice things up. Here are the main highlights:
Full support for infra-red (for GTA-mode only).
Lots of extra configuration parameters, including GTA-only and TIFF-only options.
USB support in the menu (TIFF-mode only).
Use O as well as X to select in the menu.
Use Square to get EBOOT IDs from the menu.
Most corrupted menu icons now fixed.
GTA autoload option in installer.
We did a lot of testing on this release, and it seems to be more stable than Brown Ale, but there's always a chance that some things will be less stable. You can read the latest README file here.

We've also taken the opportunity of this release to update the 'working homebrew' list. All the information in there is now accurate, as far as we know, but please let us know if you think anything is wrong.


March 9th, 2006, 05:58
Thanks have to try this I've got 2.6