View Full Version : Need some help

April 28th, 2009, 00:11
Well, recently I've had the want to play a PSX game on my PSP. Now, I looked up some tutorials and other things and found popsloader. I installed it what seems to be correctly; I turned it on in the plugins part of the menu as well. I took the game's EBOOT and placed it in its own folder in my GAME folder. I start the PSP up, go to the Game section and hit the PSX game. I hear a 'Popsloader menu' is supposed to come up, but all that happens to me is a black screen that stays black until I shut the PSP off and restart the PSP. My PSP is currently running Custom Firmware 3.71 M33-3. Could someone please help me with this? I'd greatly appreciate it!

P.S. I hope I posted this in the right place, if not, my deepest apologies.