View Full Version : Jap games translated in English

April 28th, 2009, 09:54
What a great RPG's and what a shame that we cant play them here in europe or in america.Well u have to study japanese first for a couple of years.

But honestly these games are great and iam just wondering if someone can translate these gems for our Dreamcast...and since we all finished skies of arcadia and Grandia 2 these RPG would be like Light up the fire for some Battles and adventures..

See what iam talking about
The Rhapsody of Zephyr


Tricolore Crise


So iam asking all our Dreamcast developers out there..Is possible to get a translation of these great RPG?

I asking cause in the past someone translated SEGAGA and iam wondering if he translated more....
plus i think that Shen mue 2 got a translation recently..