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May 11th, 2009, 21:20
Ok guys I currently have the home brew channel and the backup launcher channel on my wii. I'm trying to find a gameboy and N64 emulator to work on my wii so I can play the games. I already have the snes one working perfect but when I tried to use the wii 64 emulator I get a error after I try to load a game from my sd. Can anyone help me with this?

Or know what gameboy/n64 emulators works on the wii?


May 12th, 2009, 00:27
The N64 doesn't work perfectly, though I've never had trouble with games. Except the ones where the frame rate sucks.

There are plenty of GameBoy emulators on the Wii, I use vbagx for all the types of GameBoy (it's the best).

Just a friendly piece of advice, though sounding harsh... We don't care that you have the backup launcher, just do not mention it here.

May 12th, 2009, 04:55
Thanks for the info vamp I'll have to get vbagx What do you use for the 64? I only mentioned it because I wasn't sure if anyone needed to know what was done to my wii? Acouple questions though...
1) Why is it a no no around here, and is it something I shouldn't have put on my wii?
2) And by here you mean the whole forum or just this section?

Just want to know so I can cover my end. Sorry for all the questions.


May 12th, 2009, 16:45
For N64 emulation, I've previously used Wii64 (Mupen64). Though I didn't get on too well with many titles, but for what I don't already own on my N64 console I tend to buy on the Virtual Console (though a limited library) as they play much nicer.

I personally inject my games, since I own a large collection of original N64 titles. Though I cannot really mention anything more on the matter (another un-mentionable topic), except if you really like the games find a pre-owned N64 console (if you don't already have one) because there is a list of many affordable and great games that cannot truly be enjoyed through emulation. :)


1) The Backup Launcher is for pirated/copied games, DCEmu doesn't support piracy in any way though nobody here will stop you from playing games on whichever way your means of accessing them.

2) The whole forum/site, DCEmu has strict policies about piracy and the methods of playing pirated software. Mainly because it's a homebrew based site for emulators, which some people get confused with homebrew and piracy when the two are combined.

Also, DCEmu steers clear of anything to do with piracy because many sites that document such posts/articles can face closure.

May 14th, 2009, 17:35
Perfect thanks vamp I'm just gonna go search for the games on ebay and see if the old 64 still works lol