View Full Version : Dreamcast some discs work and others no - and how can I remove gdrom ribbon?

May 25th, 2009, 07:50
Hi all! I need some help. To explain my story briefly, it didn't read anything so I recalibrated the laser and now it reads games.

I've never modded my DC so there isn't any interference in it.

However, I'm faced with a strange problem. There are certain games it won't read. I've tried adjusting the laser again but it must've been too close when I did because it didn't even spin the disc so I assume a hardware hack was implemented to prevent disc and lens damage so I put it back and its reading the other games fine still but still not certain games.

The games that don't work are Sonic Adventure, House of the Dead II, Virtua Fighter 3TB, Soul Calibur and Mortal Kombat Gold. The only game out of that list that has proper scratches is Virtua Fighter. All the other games are in near perfect condition so I'm very puzzled to why they aren't working.

So is there any way to get them working? If they need proper cleaning, what kind of liquids should I use? (white spirits ok to use?).

My other option was to buy a new laser but I'm hesitant about that because of the ribbon connected to the drive so can anyone tell me how to remove it and put it back on again because I don't want to risk removing it and then never being able to put it back on again.