View Full Version : ljsdcdev Engine 0.9.0 (ljsdcdev Demo 7)

January 1st, 1970, 01:00
ljsdcdev (http://www.ljsdcdev.net/), BlueCrab's RPG engine has been updated exactly 1 year after the release of ljsdcdev Demo 6. [br][br]The ljsdcdev engine is a complete rewrite of the old ljsdcdev RPG code. The new base is meant to be modular, and to allow for "mods" (allowing people to use the engine to create their own games, independent of ljsdcdev RPG). Basically, the aim is to create a RPGMaker-like environment in the end where a programming newbie could create their own RPG with minimal work.[br][br]You can download ljsdcdev Demo 7, and ljsdcdev Engine 0.9.0 from the Project Page: http://sf.net/projects/ljsdcdev

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