View Full Version : Slim psp reboot issue

June 4th, 2009, 10:48
I only started trying to mod my psp the other day and I went through some tutorial to get chicKHEN and then install 5.00 m33 so I could play some PSX games. Anyway, my game kept freezing at the same spot so I tried to get popsloader but apparently that doesn't work with this new firmware so I tried to run hellcats recovery and downgrade the firmware except hellcats recovery won't work. I've tried running recovery mode and booting up hellcats recovery from there but that doesn't work either. Eventually I figured out that the problem is my psp trying to reboot. Instead of rebooting, the system freezes for a few seconds and then simply shuts off. So basically the system works, but I can't change anything about it since the damn thing won't let me reboot it to install a new firmware or run recovery. Anyone got any ideas?

The model is a 2000 series by the way - the motherboard is fine too, i checked that.