View Full Version : finalfantasy vii problem

June 5th, 2009, 08:14
i'm trying to get my FFVII eboot to run
it ran well on previous firmwares
and works fine if i'm playing a file that's into the game some
but at the moment
i want to start a new game
and i cant get into the opening movie
i select new game and it just goes to a black screen

i'm running on 5.00 M33-6
i've tried using popsloader (the most recent one i could find was for 5.00m33-2) to run it as 3.52, 3.71, or 3.72
but the game wont load at all under anything but "original from flash"
if you need any more info, just ask

if anyone can help me, i'd be thankful

also before anyone says anything
i've searched my ass off on google and here for answers to this problem, with no luck

June 5th, 2009, 23:14
i've also tried making a new eboot
using a couple of different progams
and those wouldnt run at all

i'm also having this problem with final fantasy VIII