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January 1st, 1970, 01:00
From their site:[br]Today, Dreamcast-Scene went online again, after there were no action happening on the main side of it for months (see our history what happend in the meanwhile). We also present you a brandnew website with state of the art XHTML, a powerful PmWiki and phpBB system in the background and the possibity for everyone to submit new content or edit it in the news, database, scene and lifestyle pages![br][br]But our motto "power to the people" also means a lot of responsibility for the active sceners who want to contribute articles on Dreamcast-Scene: Keep an eye on the text formatting rules, correcting grammar and misspellings of the non-native English spreakers, act for the collective good and don't fake, spam, delete or adulterate articles or news.[br][br]Remember: Dreamcast-Scene is a non-profite project and many people sacrifices time and money for it to make it as good as possible.[br][br]And now, let the scene rise again![br][br]Dreamcast-Scene.com (http://www.dreamcast-scene.com/)[br]

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December 1st, 2004, 11:05
Awesome, I love the ideas of Wikis. They're fully featured, let anyone submit and edit articles, plus they have the added bonus of letting you restore articles to their previous state after malicious people screw with the pages. :)

I'll definately be adding to Dreamcast-scene alot. ;D

December 1st, 2004, 16:36
I had no idea these people did the petitions that were that effective. wow... soon i'll try posting, if i can figure out how.